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A permanent marking is called an alphanumeric code or clear text when it is made up of a sequence of conventional characters (numbers and/or letters). This traceability system is mainly used to identify parts by means of serial numbers, to prevent falsification.

This is the most common type of industrial marking, as it allows any operator to consult the information without the need for any tools.

Our dot peen marking systems feature a number of classic fonts, as well as forgery-proof fonts (OCR-A, OCR-B) often used for marking alphanumeric codes in the aerospace industry. Formatting can be slightly modified by applying italics to the text, or by using denser or less dense matrices.

Our laser engraving marking systems offer a wider range of possibilities, and all ttf fonts can be used to create alphanumeric codes.

marquage laser et micro-percussion rayonnant sur aluminium

The different types of information that can make up alphanumeric industrial markings

The list of information that can be marked industrially is infinite. The needs in terms of marking and traceability are numerous, and new applications are constantly being created and developed. Here is a short, non-exhaustive list of the most frequently alphanumerically coded data:

Serial numbers

The alphanumeric character sequence is often used to identify parts. Each with a unique reference, it’s easy to identify a part with its production date, manufacturing batch, material reference, supplier’s name, etc…

Time stamps

Time stamping is the type of marking that identifies the production period of a part. In various formats, the information indicates the date and time when the part was manufactured.

Products instructions

Very often, manufacturers integrate product information plates into their machines, so that users can use the products in accordance with their instructions. For example, we can find information on load limits, overall dimensions, maximum weight, etc…

Manufacturer’s information

In the same way as product instruction plates, manufacturers very often produce manufacturer identification plates, particularly to comply with standards, on which they include information such as company name, after-sales service contact, machine name and reference, etc…

What is the alphanumeric marking format?

The alphanumeric marking format is a combination of alphabetic and numeric characters. This succession of numbers and/or letters makes up information that can be identified by any operator. The best known is the marking of serial numbers, such as the VIN number on vehicles.

How do I create alphanumeric marking?

There are several ways to input marking data in alphanumeric format:

  • Manual input: the operator types the information he wishes to mark on his part onto his control unit.
  • Scan input: the operator uses a barcode or 2D code reader to enter data in the barcode or 2D code format.
  • Automatic variable input: in a pre-edited file, the operator indicates the type of automatic data to be entered. The most common are time stamps. The data will be updated at any time when the operator starts marking.

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