Marking and traceability for aeronautical industry


Our applications in the aeronautics sector

Which solution to choose ?

Traceability plays an essential role in aeronautics industries and permanent marking and must meet very specific standards unique to each player. Technomark Marking solutions work in marking precision as much on depth as on quality and readability. In aeronautics and aerospace, we take care of this more than ever; guaranteeing the integrity of the mechanics of the parts is essential to avoid weakening them by creating initiators of rupture.

The main markings that are made in aeronautics industries are clear markings as well as 2D Datamatrix codes, using our laser and dot peen technologies.

Technomark supports many partners daily in this very demanding market. Our microscopic testing and measurement laboratory allow to perform the required qualification steps internally. Let us study your industrial with you to determine the solution that suits you best!

Our applications in aeronautics and aerospace