Marking and traceability for automotive industry


Our applications in the automotive, motorcycle and heavy truck industry

Which solution to choose?

The automotive market demands high marking capacities, both in terms of quality and speed of execution. Indeed, the permanent marking must be carried out in accordance with the requirements of the cycle times of automobile manufacturing.

Technomark Marking lists many applications for the automotive industry, including the traceability of engines, frames, gearboxes, engine parts of all types such as crankshafts, camshafts, engine bearings, cylinder heads, etc.

For the heavy trucks or trailer sector, it is mainly a question of responding to the requirements for depth markings to carry out on frame before painting, for example.

The types of markings found in the automotive industry are numerous: plain text, 1D codes (bar codes, EAN codes) and 2D (Datamatrix, QR codes), logos, etc.

Our modular and especially combo solutions offer great versatility allowing to mark frames and headlight plates with a single equipment. Contact us to study with you your industrial use and to determine the solution that best suits your needs for carrying out permanent markings.

Our automotive applications