Marking on locking pliers casing


Locking pliers casing marking solution


Tailor-made laser marking solution is designed to meet customer needs. It is built around the 10W fibre laser.

The station is made up of three parts:

The opened lower part is equipped with a shelf for storing tools marked or awaiting marking as well as the fumes extraction and treatment unit.

The upper right part consists of:

– A closed unit managing cycles and safety and the piloting “buttons”
– A shelf holding the programming and files viewing screen.

The upper left part is the active part of the station and it includes:

– A completely enclosed portion equipped with a “protected” window for viewing the part. This block includes the marking laser mounted on an electrical column whose position is controlled by the laser, thus allowing a marking position to be assigned to each file.
– A parts loading drawer equipped with a fitting suitable for the locking pliers as well as all machine safety devices.

This station can operate either in manual mode (loading the locking pliers in the drawer, closing the drawer, manual cycle start, marking, unloading the locking pliers) or in automatic mode (a part presence detection automatically starts the marking).







Technical details

Number of lines

1 to 3

Number of characters

18 + 1 logo

Different steels

white painted steel, chromed steel and black cataphoresis steel