Marking and traceability for all types of sectors


Our applications in various sectors of activity

Which solution should I choose for the marking of my parts?

Technomark Marking supports you in choosing your solution for the identification and traceability of your metal or plastic parts. Several technological solutions are available for permanent marking depending on your industrial use: station, integrated or nomadic. Technomark is obviously there to guide you on the best technology (laser or dot peen marking) as well as the best associated product.

There are many applications and types of permanent markings: for internal traceability, product identification, serial number, pattern (logo and/or text), 2D code (Datamatrix or QR), 1D code (barcode), etc …

Metal marking: examples of applications

In the field of metal marking, Technomark has many references and has distinguished itself, for example, in the marking of electronic parts, medical instruments, hot parts, etc.

Plastic marking: examples of applications

Permanent marking is not only reserved for metal, we can also carry out the traceability of plastic parts.

Contact us to study your industrial use with you and determine the solution that will suit you best for your permanent markings.

Our applications in all types of sectors