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Choosing Technomark Marking is the assurance of quality services, worldwide.

Quality service to develop a lasting partnership. Our industrial marking company is committed with all its customers and partners over the long term. Our relationship revolves around 3 axes:

  • Advice: expertise of your needs and support with proposal of financing solutions.
  • Realization: design of adapted equipment and development of personalized products.
  • Support: technical product training, efficient customer support and efficient machine park monitoring.

Choosing Technomark means choosing quality pre-sales and after-sales service.
Pre-sales, Technomark helps you to make the best investments for your machine park and from the moment of purchase your delivery is ensured as soon as possible.
After-sales service, we offer you maintenance and repair service.
Our desire is to be proactive and constantly seek solutions to improve the services offered.

To become partner

More than a French company, a group

Created in 2000, 2014 and 2018 respectively, Technomark International has 3 subsidiaries, the head office based in La Talaudière in France, “Technomark Asia Pacific” in Shanghai in China and “Technomark North America” in Houston in the United States. More than a French company, Technomark now proudly shares its values and commitments with its international employees.

2 Technocentres

To provide after-sales service and consistent, high-quality logistics throughout the world, Technomark also relies on Technocentres in addition to its head office and its subsidiaries, thereby strengthening its global presence (France, Europe, Asia, North America, South America). Real intermediaries of Technomark know-how, they provide qualified assistance in their geographical area.

A global distribution network

With a network established in 47 countries and more than 160 employees, Technomark has an indisputable global reach.
The supply of French fab products from our industrial marking company is assured wherever the place, as quickly as possible and under the best conditions.
As for Technomark distributors, they are labelled according to the charter of our industrial marking company to guarantee an efficient and relevant service.

Technomark map distribution