Employees trained upon arrival

Each time an employee starts at Technomark, a specific induction and training course is offered according to their profile. At the end of the training, the staff master the general organization of the company as well as the laser marking and dot peen marking products which are manufactured at Technomark.

Employee training
Technomark distributor training

Qualified distributors

Technomark’s sales and technical teams provide specific and regular training to distributors on the use of standard and integrated laser marking and dot peen marking products. Thanks to these training devices provided directly at the partner or at Technomark premises, distributors acquire skills equal to the manufacturer on the use of machines. They are also trained on maintenance, fault detection procedures and part replacements. All Technomark teams obviously remain in support.

Specialized integrators at your side

Do you call on an integrator for Technomark solutions? Rest assured, our partners are also trained to integrate our machines for simple and optimal operation. Specialists in integrated uses, trained in our advanced techniques and features, our integrator partner will support you and ensure proper operation. Technomark, expert in marking, will obviously be in support to obtain the required demanded quality.

Technomark integrator training
Marking multi4 mini

Customers trained in the use of their new work tools

Are you interested in Technomark permanent marking products? Our sales team systematically offers start-up support and thus trains you on product features and capabilities. By studying your daily industrial uses together, our sales department can also suggest adjustments to guarantee optimal lifespan of our products.