Laser Graphix Inline Graphix Inline

The laser marking technology
according to technomark

Graphix Inline

Product advantages


Implementation simplified thanks to its two positioning diodes.


High marking speed, ideal for medium to large production runs.


Reduced servicing and maintenance thanks to the longevity of diodes.


Ensures the marking, decoration, mild or profound engraving and the traceability on a large selection of materials.

Customer benefits


The reduiced marking head makes its integration easier

Autodiagnostic system

Real time management of the laser operating state


With every reading system on the market

Best TCO of its market

(Total cost ownership of the product)

Remote monitoring

Using an automaton for simple functions (start, stop, end of marking, marking in progress…). Communication by Ethernet and RS232

Main accessoiries and options

Reading equipment
Reading equipment
Focusing optic adapted to marking field
Focusing optic adapted to marking field
Heavy duty rotary D axis
Heavy duty rotary D axis
Fume extractor
Fume extractor