Laser marking


Laser engraving and marking

Technomark offers permanent marking solutions using laser technology. The ergonomics and size of the Technomark laser range have been designed to be easily usable in a workshop.

Our laser devices are equipped with fibre technology which allows to mark quickly, precisely on various materials. They are mainly used for marking medium series at high speed, for deep or light engraving, for decoration, and for identification for the traceability of any part. Equipped with optional 360° rotating axes, our solutions also allow marking in all positions.
Available in an ultra-compact version with an extremely small marking head, their integration is easier on your production lines.

What is laser marking ?

The principle of industrial traceability by laser engraving is based on a beam of high intensity and great finesse focused and then directed towards the part to be marked.
Its orientation is ensured by a galvanometric head composed of two mirrors. Laser marking is contactless, universal on all types of media: plastics, metals, ceramics, etc.

On what materials can we mark ?

The infrared wavelength of Technomark laser marking solutions qualitatively marks all metals (aluminium, steel, painted and chromed steel, stainless steel, bronze, carbide, titanium and titanium alloys, nickel and nickel alloys), as well than most plastics (polyamide, polypropylene, ABS).

What can be marked?

Thanks to Technomark laser solutions, all types of information can be marked in a precise and very qualitative way: alphanumeric characters and plain text, time stamp, bar codes, QR codes, Datamatrix 2D, logos, symbols, images, etc.

What are the fields of application?

The main sectors of activity for which Technomark ensures traceability are: automotive, aeronautics, energy, metallurgy, medical and many other fields (agriculture, agri-food, defence, electronics, railway, lifting and public works, mechanics, motorcycles, heavy trucks).

Our solutions

Which laser marking solutions to choose from Technomark Marking ?

Technomark can help in choosing your laser marking solution (power, configuration, features, etc.) so that it best meets your industrial use.


Integrated use

The integrated laser marking equipment enables extremely fast and high-quality marking on a wide variety of materials. By its compactness, its integration is easily facilitated into your production lines.
Discover our laser solution dedicated to this integrated use.


Workstation use

The laser marking station can easily be installed in a workshop thanks to its adapted ergonomics and reduced size.
Discover our laser solution dedicated to this workstation use.

Discover examples of our laser applications