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Technomark and Lagazel at the biennale of design in St Etienne


    le 02 May 2019

Technomark lent a laser to its client LAGAZEL to customize solar lamps.

LAGAZEL, manufacturer of solar lamps

Lagazel is a French company that designs powerful and modular solar lamps. Their main mission is in Africa, where 650 million people do not have access to electricity. However, it is a vital need, since it allows children to study at night, adults to work ...

Without electricity, African populations must choose battery lamps or oil lamps, often dangerous for their health, for the environment and quite expensive. Solar lamps, durable and economical, are therefore an excellent alternative, greatly improving the situation.

Technomark, laser solutions adapted to all needs

Lagazel recently presented its products at the Design Biennial 2019 in Saint-Etienne. On this occasion, TECHNOMARK has made available one of its GRAPHIX Lasers, to allow the customization of the lamps proposed on the stand:

This "all-in-one" laser industrial marking system integrates laser source, optics, focal length and control electronics. It allows very fast access to parts thanks to its assisted door opening and its adapted ergonomics.