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A portable dot peen marking machine

Your industrial use is called “nomadic” if your operators, users of permanent marking solutions, move with the equipment inside or outside your structure. They take the marking solutions with them during use, and put them back in place at the end. This application is mainly intended for dot peen marking of medium or large parts, which are sometimes difficult to access, and therefore require portability.

Discover our Easy and Buddy portable dot peen marking machines from the Connect.series, and Multi4 Portable, dedicated to portable marking through a marking window of up to 120 x 60 mm.

Marking solution for portable use
Solution de marquage micro-percussion portable Buddy
Portable dot peen marking machine Easy

The benefits of portable marking machines

Portable dot peen marking machines have become indispensable tools in many industries around the world. Their versatility and ability to permanently mark various materials make them essential equipment for traceability, personalization and product identification. These machines use advanced technology to create precise, durable markings, making them ideal for a variety of applications.

One of the most common uses for these portable marking machines is in the manufacturing industry. They can mark crucial information such as alphanumeric text like serial numbers, barcodes and 2D codes like datamatrix, time stamps like manufacturing dates and company logos on a wide range of products, from automotive parts to electronic equipment and industrial tools. This traceability is essential for product quality and safety, as well as compliance with industry regulations.

Portable dot peen marking machines are also very popular in the construction sector. They enable metal parts, pipes, beams and other components to be marked with information such as technical specifications, batch codes and serial numbers. This facilitates materials management on construction sites, reduces assembly errors and improves traceability of the materials used. Moreover, the types of material that these engraving machines are capable of marking are vast: from plastic to steel, aluminum, carbide and titanium etc…

In the field of maintenance and repair, these machines are also essential for marking heavy parts. They can be used to mark spare parts, tools and equipment, enabling efficient tracking of their use, maintenance and replacement.

Finally, portable micro-percussion marking machines are also used in the aerospace, energy and medical industries, where the precision and permanence of markings are essential for product safety and quality.