2-in-1 dot peen marking station*: bench and portable configuration

Don’t choose between reliability and versatility

*Patented and protected software

The Combo dot peen marking station has been designed for ultra-versatile use. This innovative and complete equipment allows you to go from a bench top marking solution to a portable and wireless solution in less than 10 seconds without tools.

Dot peen marking

Why COMBO is made for you?

Equipement technomark

2 in 1 equipment

The Combo marking solution has taken the versatility of dot peen to the next level. Combo combines a portable and a bench mode in one machine, with a change of configuration in less than 10 seconds without tools.

Bench mode: fixing the marking head to an easily adjustable column. Ideal for small to medium sized parts.

Portable mode: operator travels with the wireless marking head within a 10 metre radius of the marking station. Ideal for medium to large, heavy or hard to reach parts.

Network connected

In addition to being able to create your own marker files on the controller, Combo allows you to easily import and export all your data.

Enter the Industry 4.0 era.

Easy - nomade use


To offer maximum freedom, the marking head is connected directly to the controller via a secure Wi-Fi connection. The pairing between the two is very easy thanks to RFID technology.

In its portable configuration, the Combo equipment allows you to mark within a 10 metre radius of the control unit. Combo offers a whole new experience that is unprecedented in the industrial marking market.


parts of all sizes


small and medium series


intelligent Driving Impact (IDI)

Usage à 360 degrés

360° use


Multiple accessories

Pictogramme éclairage

lighting of the marking area


the versatility of dot peen marking

Fast and flexible

  • Change of configuration in 10 seconds without tools

Lithium ion battery

High performance NMC type

3 consumption modes :

  • 100% electric
  • 100% battery
  • Plug-in hybrid

Optimised ergonomics

  • Lightweight and easy to install marking head
  • Quick Shift function for quick height adjustment
  • Easy to grip thanks to its in-line handle

5 in 1 support foot

  • Marking flat parts,
  • Magnetic support,
  • Non-slip,
  • Marking of cylinders,
  • Positioning aid

Intelligent and intuitive software

  • Preventive maintenance
  • Dashboard customisation
  • Marking in 3 clicks
  • Marking information in real time
  • Access management and connection of marking heads by RFID chip
  • Multilingual software
  • Easyshift function for marking positioning assistance

Applications and Technical Specifications

Distance between head and controller 10 metres
Marking window 120x60mm
Number of marking speeds 3 speeds
Number of marking forces 11 forces
Lithium ion battery 22V
Max marking height 290mm
Weight of head (with foot) 3,1 kg
10-inch tempered glass
Connectivity 1 port Ethernet et 3 ports USB
Controller holder Controller holder Universal VESA 100 fixing for 4 stand configurations
4 protective bumpers and technical polymer shell
Marking types
Alphanumerical content
Straight marking
Fixed text
Angled marking
Sequential numbering
Radial marking
Data import variable
Mirror marking
Time and date stamp
2D Barcode
Graphic types
Datamatrix Logo
QR Code Shape
ECC200 Symbol
Steel PVC
Cast iron
Stainless steel
Aluminium Polyethylene
Brass Polypropylene
Copper POM
Silver Acrylique
Other alloys

Non-exhaustive list, Request your free sample marking test

4 configurations according to your needs

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Technomark has developed its own software to accompany your dot peen marking machine and simplify your daily work.

USB Production Tracker license
Export of marked data

Font Creator license
Creation of custom fonts

Custom HMI license
Customisation of the dashboard and OLED screen

RFID – Log on head or control box license
Badge access

flat part dot peen marking with Connect.series



High performance proofreading system
using 1D and 2D code reader

Technomark’s high-performance barcode reader proofreading systems make it easy to identify a part. This tool meets the needs of production control and parts identification. In the industrial sector, marking often takes the form of OCR type characters or of 1D or 2D code, the 2D Datamatrix code ECC 200 being the best known and the most used.


Spare parts

Ordering spare parts

It is possible to order spare parts for each of our marking solutions. If necessary, do not hesitate to contact us by email or phone. We guarantee the availability of spare parts for up to 5 years after the end of life of our products.

Our network of partners allows us to be responsive and to offer fast lead times between order and delivery

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Technomark product delivery


Our desire is to be proactive and to constantly seek solutions to improve the services offered to our customers.



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