Graphix V2


All-in-one laser station* with on-board camera, material database and multi-level function

*Developed by Technomark

The new Graphix.series all-in-one station is designed around the user experience. The marking head with on-board camera and intelligent software allows any operator to mark with ease, regardless of their experience: novice or expert.


Why GRAPHIX is made for you ?

Smart View function

The Smart View function is a revolution in this new generation of laser station.  The camera integrated in the marking head allows you to view the workpiece directly on the screen.  You can now place and view your marking directly on the part.  This makes marking set-up faster and reduces error rate.


Materials database

It offers the possibility for novice users to set up markings without having any special knowledge of laser marking.

Marking in 2 steps:

  • 1. Selection of the material to be marked
  • 2. Definition of the marking result according to three characteristics: depth, contrast or speed

But if you are a qualified operator, you can also make more complex markings thanks to the advanced settings

Multi-level marking

The multi-level function optimises the efficiency of the marking production:

  • Multiple markings on different heights of a workpiece in a single run as well as on curved surfaces
  • Reduced number of actions and time savings
  • Optimised ergonomics when combined with the Smart View function
Technologie de marquage laser fibre

fiber laser technology


small to medium sized parts


small to large series


several window sizes

Pictogramme éclairage

lighting of the marking area


wide range of accessories


The Graphix laser marking station has been designed to meet the many needs of our customers. Offering you a personalised service is very important to us in order to guarantee your complete satisfaction with our marking solutions.

Logo station de marquage laser Graphix.series

All-in-one laser station for accessible marking to all

Station de marquage laser tout-en-un avec caméra embarquée

Assisted door opening

with two positions for easy loading of parts

Electric column

Digital control of the z-axis with a useful stroke of 400mm

Fiber laser head

High performance with on-board camera

Multiple options

Side openings (single and double), rotary axis, retractable drawer and fume extractor

Easy to use and optimised ergonomics

  • Material database
  • Multi-level marking
  • Marking in 3 clicks
  • Production and creation mode
  • Multilingual software
  • Preview of the marking on the part

Applications and Technical Specifications

Marking windows 100x100mm or 140x140mm
Scanning speed 12m/s
Type of laser Class 1 fibre laser in station configuration
Available powers 20W, 30W and 50W
21.5″ integrated in the station
1 Ethernet port and 3 USB ports
Dimensions W: 800mm, H: 985mm and D: 755mm
Loading capacity
W: 500mm, H: 400mm and D: 500mm
Types of markings Alphanumeric content
Straight marking Text input
Angular marking Serial number variable
Radial marking Data import variable
Mirror marking Time stamp variable
1D and 2D code Visual
Bar code Logo
QR Code Form
Datamatrix Symbol
Steel PVC
Cast iron Polyamide
Stainless steel Polycarbonate
Aluminium Polyethylene
Brass Polypropylene
Titanium ABS
Silver Acrylic

This list is not exhaustive. Please note that some materials should not be marked with a laser solution. For more information, contact our laser experts and ask for your sample marking test

3 configurations selon votre besoin

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Technomark helps you build a marking solution that is perfectly suited to your needs and under competitive conditions

  • Motorised electric door
  • Customised side openings
  • Y-axis movement of the marking head
  • Rotating loading platform
  • And many other solutions…



High performance proofreading system
using 1D and 2D code reader

Technomark’s high-performance barcode reader proofreading systems make it easy to identify a part. This tool meets the needs of production control and parts identification. In the industrial sector, marking often takes the form of OCR type characters or of 1D or 2D code, the 2D Datamatrix code ECC 200 being the best known and the most used.


Spare parts

Ordering spare parts

It is possible to order spare parts for each of our marking solutions. If necessary, do not hesitate to contact us by email or phone. We guarantee the maintenance of spare parts for up to 5 years after the end of life of our products.

Our network of partners allows us to be responsive to limit the waiting times between order and delivery.

Technomark production workshop
Technomark product delivery


Our desire is to be proactive and to constantly seek solutions to improve the services offered to our customers.



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