Dot peen marking

In order to meet as precisely as possible traceability needs, Technomark provides a wide choice of dot peen marking equipments. These marking solutions are equipped with innovative features that are specially designed to fit into automated processes. The 4 in 1 innovative concept Multi4 can be declined in 4 distinct configurations (hand-held, combo, bench or integrated). The Multi4 Mini version have a 360° use thanks to its 4 different prehensions, 100% adapted to the user. These equipments enable the marking of heavy, cumbersome and hard-to-reach pieces as well as light and small ones. Any marking position enables a precise and high-quality marking. The FlyMarker Mini marking machine includes a high-precision mechanical and electronic system into an all-in-one ultra compact equipment. These equipments enable the marking of any kind of pieces with a hardness of less than 63 HRC. For a greater marking diversity, Technomark has developped the IDI (Intelligent Driving Impact) function. Equipped on all machines, this techology automatically adjusts the level difference between the piece and the stylus.

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Multi4 Technomark


In order to meet your traceability needs, TECHNOMARK offers a wide range of dot peen marking equipment. Thanks to the innovative concept 4 in 1, the MULTI4 marking machine can be declined in 4 configurations:

Multi4 Mini Technomark

Multi4 Mini

The MULTI4 Mini machine model is ideal for dot peen marking of heavy, bulky or hard-to-reach parts.

M4 Inline Technomark

M4 Inline

This integrated dot peen marking solution with innovative features is specially designed to be integrated into automated processes.