Laser marking

The ergonomics and the size of the Technomark laser range was studied to be easily usable in a workshop. The Graphix series is an "all-in-one" solution associating the optics, the control electronics, the focal and the laser source. Its 360° rotary axis allows a marking in all positions. The laser range is extending with the Graphix Inline laser marking solution allowing very fast and precise markings on materials having a hardness lower than 63 HRC. These devices are equipped with Yag and Fibre technologies. They are mainly used for the mass-produced marking at medium or high speed, for the deep or light engraving, the decoration as well as the identification for the traceability of any piece.


Graphix Technomark


Graphix is an all in one marking machine that integrates the laser source, the optic, the focal and the control electronic system.

Graphix Inline Technomark

Graphix Inline

Graphix Inline ensures the marking, decoration, mild or profound engraving and the traceability on a large selection of materials.