Aerospace marking

Technomark, the solution for your projects of aerospace marking

Technomark is a world reference in the aerospace marking field (laser or dot-peen). The biggest aerospace players can be found amongst Technomark’s customers: Airbus, Safran, Saab Aerospace, EADS ...: Click here to discover all of our references in the aeronautical marking field. Permanent marking allows perfect identification and proofreading, for all types of parts, regardless of their shape or material.

Two of the most important aspects of the manufacturing of aircraft and aerospace components are their traceability and identification. The aircraft parts and components must be tracked from the beginning (design, prototype) to the end (manufacturing, service). That’s why it is really important for aerospace component manufacturers to have a reliable long-term marking solution.

Two technologies for aerospace marking

  • The dot-peen technology: a vibrating stylus (made of tungsten carbide) is used to create several cavities on the surface of the material, which designs a character (Datamatrix, serial number…) with a succession of points. It allows a permanent marking, on all the materials which accept a deformation and which have a hardness lower than 63 HRC. Discover our main dot-peen products: The Multi 4 and its 4 configurations, and the Multi 4 integrated on a production line.
  • The laser technology uses a high intensity beam, directed to the piece to mark it. The beam orientation is ensured by a galvanometric head composed of two mirrors. This type of aerospace marking is contactless, universal, and works on all types of media: plastics, metals, ceramics ... Discover our laser products: The GRAPHIX Laser and the Laser solution on production line.

Our services dedicated to the aviation industry

Our team of engineers and technicians, installed in the new innovation department, equipped with the latest generation of 3D CAD software, is at your disposal to study your needs.

To give you the best answers, our teams have the following skills:

  • Mechanics
  • Electronics
  • Automation
  • Industrial data
  • Vision / proofreading
  • Robotics

We will use our expertise to identify precisely all your needs:

  • Feasibility study
  • Realization of samples
  • Free trial on site
  • Financing solutions
  • Equipment loans
  • Buyout Solutions

Our engineers can also perform marking tests using a 3D microscope to control the alignment of the points as well as the quality and depth of the marking.

A versatile aerospace marking

Technomark's technical solutions meet all the requirements of aerospace marking, in terms of patterns and sizes: QR Code, Data Matrix, OCR, serial numbers, logos ... The Data Matrix code is ideal for aerospace marking because it contains a lot of information while using a very small area. Technomark solutions will enable you to carry out durable markings, even on surfaces that are difficult to reach.

Compliance with aerospace standards

For a better respect of the safety and quality issues, the aerospace marking we offer complies with the main standards : CFM56 / DT05-89 / BTG0027 (Ex: SAFRAN), JES 131 (Rolls-Royce), QTP (Airbus), B518 (IHI), ...

You will find some applications detailed below: