High-performance Datamatrix marking and proofreading

Secure and efficient identification thanks to Datamatrix

The purpose of a Datamatrix marking is to allow the monitoring of the various components of the products. Datamatrix improves traceability, quality control, stock management, and treatment of non-compliant parts. Datamatrix marking allows indelible and tamper-proof identification.

The Datamatrix code is simple and compact, particularly popular in most industrial sectors (aeronautics, automotive, pharmaceutical, etc.). Its storage capacity is very large and allows encoding of a very large number of characters in a very small space. The redundancy of information allows re-reading even in the case of a partially damaged Datamatrix code. This is why it is chosen in sectors where the marking is subjected to demanding conditions.

Datamatrix marking: ideal for automatic proofreading

Once the Datamatrix marking has been carried out, the next step is to read it again, to ensure the quality of the marking and the effective decoding of the character string. This proofreading is often performed by a camera which avoids potential human error.

Technomark Marking offers two proofreading solutions: a fixed Datamatrix reader, ideal for production lines for example, and a portable 2D code reader, light and easy to use.


Datamatrix proofreading

Triggerless bar code scanner and fixed readers

Technomark has a vision laboratory for carrying out quality tests.

Our engineers develop complete marking solutions for you with Datamatrix proofreading systems.

Code readers achieve incredibly high-performance levels and a Six Sigma read rate of up to 45 parts per second. The ECC 200 Datamatrix code is the best known and most widely used for 2D code.

In addition, to ensure code compliance with industrial quality standards, our Datamatrix readers include code verifiers.

Product advantages

PERFORMANCE: DataMan 100 code readers achieve incredibly high performance levels.

COMPLIANT: to ensure code compliance with industrial quality standards.

CORRECTIVE: to ensure information content.

FAST: Six Sigma read rates of up to 45 parts per second.

QR code and Datamatrix reading equipment

Barcode proofreading

A high-performance barcode reader

Technomark offers a high-performance barcode proofreading system.

The automatic identification of our barcode readers guarantees the content of the information.

Our reading systems are reliable with high productivity and capacity and allow simple processing of reading results in automated systems.

Product advantages

SIMPLE: Simple processing of reading results in automated systems.

PRODUCTIVE: a high number of proofreading.

CORRECTIVE: Guarantees the content of the information.

MANOEUVRABLE: light and stable case