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Meet TECHNOMARK on the Fan Parks of THE TOUR DE FRANCE 2019


    le 05 July 2019

Technomark marks your bicycle free of charge on the Ateliers du Tour*!​
For the 106th edition of the Tour de France, Technomark joins the FUB (a French organisation for bikers) and Amaury Sport Organisation to be a part of the bicycle marking workshops during this world event!


A bicycode, what for?

In France, approximately 400,000 bicycles are stolen each year. Among them, 150,000 are found and only 2 to 3% are returned to the owner.
The bicycode was designed to fight against this phenomenon. It is a code (coupled  to a national database declared to the CNIL) written on the frame of a bicycle, which intends to lower the attempted robbery and facilitate its return.
Thanks to this service, set up by the FUB, bike robbery has reduced by 30% in other countries and 40% of the stolen bikes were returned to their owners.

Currently, only 3% out of the 85,000 bicycles engraved in France are stolen each year.
Do not wait to mark your bike!

*(workshops of the Tour de France)