Datamatrix 2D marking

Encoded markings

Marking of Datamatrix codes, essential for the industry

The Data matrix code is a 2D code that allows you to encode a large amount of information. Its use is widely spread in many industrial sectors although its use varies depending on the continent.

In Europe as well as in the United States, the Datamatrix code is the universally recognized encoding technique for DPM Direct Part Marking.

In Asia and more particularly in Japan, the QR code is also used.

There are many types of Data matrix codes:

  • The ECC200 is the most widely used code in the industry
  • The GS1, macro05, and macro06 variants are mainly used in aeronautics and allow the encapsulation of additional data. More specifically, the Datamatrix GS1 code makes it possible to structure the data it contains and to segment it using prepositions located before each of the contents

Our permanent dot peen marking, and laser engraving solutions are perfectly suited to produce these encoded markings. Our vision equipment also allows the proofreading of Data matrix codes for traceability that is integrated into your automated processes.