Wireless, tablet-controlled* mixed dot peen marking machine

*Connect.App application developed by Technomark


equipement de marquage micro-percussion mixte Comby
Dot peen marking

Comby’s equipment expands the Connect.series range with a versatile dot peen marking solution. This machine is a revolution in the marking industry, combining wireless use in portable mode with bench-top configuration when the marking head is set up on its column base. With its intuitive control via tablet, Comby brings a new dimension to industrial marking, offering the operator total freedom of movement while maintaining a fluid connection with the marking head. Discover a new approach to marking, where flexibility and performance combine to meet your most demanding needs.

Why is COMBY made for you?

Wireless communication

Thanks to a secure, efficient WiFi connection, the marking head and tablet are always synchronized, opening the way to unlimited marking freedom.

This sophisticated technological configuration provides instant, uninterrupted access to marking head control via a dedicated app specially developed for your tablet.

Now you don’t have to deal with the usual constraints of distance; you can move around freely, with total and precise control over all your marking operations, whatever your position.

2 in 1 machine

Comby is conceived to meet all your dot peen marking requirements with exceptional versatility. Take advantage of its two operating modes in a single device for optimum flexibility, allowing you to mark an infinite variety of parts.

In portable mode, free yourself from constraints and easily mark large parts, even those that are difficult to access. Now you can enjoy uncompromising creative freedom.

In benchtop mode, benefit from unrivalled precision for marking small to medium-sized parts. This versatility ensures maximum efficiency in all your marking applications.

Tablet control

The marking head control application has been entirely developed by Technomark. Its ergonomics have been designed to adapt perfectly to a wide range of tablet screen sizes, while offering maximum functionality:

  • Creation and import of marking files
  • Alphanumeric, variable, Datamatrix and logo markings
  • Maintenance module
  • User mode management: administrator and production
  • Scanning of 1D and 2D codes
  • Marking with rotary axis

small and medium series


parts of all sizes


intelligent Driving Impact (IDI)

Usage à 360 degrés

360° use

Pictogramme éclairage

marking area lighting


preventive maintenance


Precision combined with freedom

Solution de marquagem icro-percussion mixte Comby

Light and ergonomic

  • Setup changes in 10 seconds without tools
  • Marking head weight : 3,2 kg
  • Easy to hold thanks to in-line handle

Lithium ion battery

High-performance NMC type

3 operating modes

  • 100% electric
  • 100% battery
  • Plug-in hybrid

5-in-1 support foot

  • Marking of flat parts,
  • Magnetic support,
  • Slip-resistant,
  • Cylinder marking,
  • Positioning aid


  • Marking head with protection bumpers
  • Technical polymer shell
  • Base and head support in cast aluminum

Smart and intuitive application

  • Secure WiFi connection between marking head and application
  • Maintenance module
  • Marking in a few clicks
  • Marking information in real time
  • Two access modes: administrator and production
  • Multilingual application
Tablette application Connect.App Comby

Technical features

Maximum distance between marking head and tablet 10 meters
Marking window size 120×60 mm
Number of marking speeds 3 speeds
Number of marking strengths
11 strengths
Lithium ion battery 22 V
General dimensions 390 x 345 x 530 mm
Weight 11 kg
Maximum height of marking surface 295 mm
Clamping method 7 universal T-slots for fixing brackets
Height adjustment Simple handwheel adjustment and locking system
Marking types
Alphanumerical content
Straight marking Fixed text
Angled marking Sequential numbering
Radial marking Data import variable
Mirror marking Time and date stamp
2D Barcode
Graphic types
Datamatrix Logo
QR Code Shape
ECC200 Symbol
Steel PVC
Cast iron
Stainless steel
Aluminium Polyethylene
Brass Polypropylene
Copper POM
Silver Acrylic
Other alloys

Non-exhaustive list, Resquest your sample marking test

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Thanks to over 20 years’ experience, Technomark has been able to develop an ergonomic, easy-to-use application, as well as various licenses that add new functionalities for specific needs.

Datamatrix license
2D code generation and marking

Logo license
Logo import and marking

Font license
Import marking fonts

Scan license
Import of marking data

conteur tablette comby

Spare parts

Ordering spare parts

It is possible to order spare parts for each of our marking solutions. If necessary, do not hesitate to contact us by email or phone. We guarantee the availability of spare parts for up to 5 years after the end of life of our products.

Our network of partners allows us to be responsive and to offer fast lead times between order and delivery

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Technomark product delivery


Our desire is to be proactive and to constantly seek solutions to improve the services offered to our customers.



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