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Our dot peen marking solutions

What is dot peen marking?

It is a technology based on forming a depression in the material through a succession of impacts that form the mark.

Technomark uses electromagnetic technology for its solutions, it allows markings of all types, fast and deep.

The different ranges of solutions allow permanent marking on heavy, bulky, and difficult to access parts as well as on small, light parts. The marking is precise and of high quality in all positions and on all types of parts with a hardness of less than 63 HRC.

A tungsten carbide stylus will impact the material, causing a depression without removing material. This has the advantage of being a low stress form of marking. With this technology we can mark alphanumeric characters, symbols, logos, QR and Datamatrix 2D codes.

First, the marking is created via the control unit using the integrated creation software developed by Technomark. Then, the mechanical engraving is responsible for its realization via a series of impacts from the stylus while following an optimized path but without moving the marking head.


Dot peen marking, ideal for permanent marking

Dot peen marking has many advantages: extremely precise, very rapid marking, it shows adaptability to different materials and repeatability, all to ensure lasting engraving.

It ensures unalterable marking, with variable and configurable depth, according to needs and expected result.

Technomark developed the patented IDI* function embedded in all machine, which allows marking on en uneven surface whilst maintaining the same high quality of mark.

*Intelligent Driving Impact

On what materials can we mark?

The markings can be made on many materials: aluminium, steel, painted and chromed steel, stainless steel, bronze, carbide, titanium and titanium alloy, nickel and nickel alloy, as well as certain plastics (polyamide, polypropylene, ABS). You should consult us to carry out marking tests to ensure the desired rendering.

What can be marked?

Thanks to Technomark dot peen marking solutions, you can produce all types of permanent markings: alphanumeric characters and plain text, time stamping, QR codes and Datamatrix 2D codes, logos, and simple symbols.

What are the fields of application?

The main sectors of activity for which Technomark ensures traceability are: automotive, aeronautics, energy, metallurgy, medical and many other fields (agriculture, agri-food, defence, electronics, railway, lifting and public works, mechanics, motorcycles, heavy trucks).

Our solutions

Which permanent dot peen marking
solution to choose?

Technomark Marking offers a wide choice of dot peen marking equipment that can meet all industrial uses. Whatever your configuration, Technomark has a permanent marking solution for you. These solutions are equipped with innovative features specially designed to integrate into your daily industrial processes.


Integrated use

Do you need to integrate a marking solution into your production line and your automated processes? Simplify the steps of traceability thanks to our permanent dot peen marking solutions designed for your integrated use.


Portable use

Do your employees have to travel to carry out the permanent markings inside or outside your building? Mainly intended for marking medium to large parts, which are sometimes difficult to access, discover our dot peen marking solutions designed for portable use.


Station use

Are all your parts to be marked converge to a marking equipment fixed on a workbench? In this configuration, traceability is generally carried out on small to medium-sized parts, but occasionally the portable mode may be required for heavier and cumbersome parts. Discover our dot peen marking solutions dedicated to station use.

Discover examples of our dot peen marking applications

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